• I cannot say enough of how happy I am to have Old 99 as my property manager. I have resisted getting a property manager for years. I didn't want to pay the fee. It turned out not to be a fee at all but an investment. And boy, how the investment is paying off now! My units are all full, rents are up over 10% and no more hassle.

Conrad Fournier  8/22/13

Ever since Merced Old 99 Realty took over my rental units I've made more money and without the headaches.  I am very pleased with your services and I only wish I had your office manage my properties sooner.

Dennis Chew 1/6/14

Merced Old 99 Realty took over my properties when they were distressed with many  vacancies.  They were able to quickly turn them around and get all the
units occupied.  Needless to say, I began
making a profit.  I find Russ McGarry to
be very reliable and he delivers what he promises.

Dr. Victor Drabkin  2/14/14


As your property management company,
we promise to:

  • Provide an experienced in-house property manager who is trained and experienced in property management practices

  • Schedule regular property inspections and annual inspections to ensure the integrity of your property

  • Keep you up-to-date with the operations of your property through a monthly report

  • Attract and retain desirable and reliable tenants

  • Market and manage your property to maximize your investment’s potential

  • Strive to meet, and surpass, all of your expectations

Hiring a property management company to manage your real estate investment is an important decision.  Merced Old 99 Realty believes that TRUST is the most important element in a relationship between a property owner and a property management company.  Trust Merced Old 99 Realty to represent your best interest, and to manage your property fairly, successfully and honestly.  We guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

We pledge to market all of the properties in our care aggressively, to negotiate rental agreements based on local trends, and to ensure that tenants treat our clients' investment with respect.  The financial success of each of our clients is important to us and every member of the Merced Old 99 Realty team is dedicated to ensuring that each property in our care is managed successfully.

The Merced Old 99 Realty team would love to share our client testimonials with you. 

Trust us to help manage your property today! 

Russell McGarry
209 - 722-1594

Russ McGarry, B.R.E. # 01900350

Esther Valencia, B.R.E. # 01522963

John Schwalbach, B.R.E. # 01940284


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